Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Matrix: Path of the Wachowski's

You may have heard of this. It's the 'revised' ending of the Matrix trilogy, as it appears in the game The Matrix: Path of Neo, and features the Wachowski's themselves. It's also funny as hell.

BTW, don't watch this one at work, as it contains 'language', and it's almost 10 minutes long.

Also, note the colour of Larry.

For the record, yes it's real... sped up in parts, such as the actual Boss Fight, but otherwise real. I just beat the game, and well, it was there complete with Queen's "We are the Champions" over the end cinematic and credits. Hey, it's the Wachowski's taking the piss, and it's from the creators of Earthworm Jim, what else would you expect.

As for the game itself? Not bad. Much better than Enter the Matrix, but flawed in its own ways. PoN includes what was missing from first game, however, PoN is also missing a lot of what made EtM entertaining. Basically, if you combined both games, you'd have the best damn movie tie-in game ever, with around 24 hours of gameplay.

What was neat, however, is that PoN has about a half dozen levels that are homages to other movies, including Enter the Dragon, Drunken Master II, Hardboiled, and Iron Monkey.

To sum thing up, it's a fun game for people who still give two tugs about The Matrix, but unless you can get it for cheap (like I did), it's a renter.


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