Sunday, June 01, 2008

Mary Pui-Yee Chung, 1977 to 2008

The world lost one of it's most precious treasures last night at the far too young age of 31.

Mary was my best friend. Actually, she was more than that, she was an extension of myself. She knew me better than I knew myself, and vice-versa. She was the love of my life, even if our lives were apart, and was someone whom I was planning on growing old beside. For a geek, pop culture reference, we were Davan and PeeJee from the webcomic Something*Positive, just without the level of abuse involved.

I loved Mary, and still do, with all my heart, and I knew that I was loved in return. As heart-breaking as it is to see her pass, I know within my heart that it's the way she wanted to go. She'd had a hard life due to illness and other hardships, but she deserved to leave it on her own terms without having to suffer from the gradual loss of functionality that she feared.

Now comes the arduous task of moving on, and rebuilding my own life. Mary's role in mine was substantial, and I'm now left with a hole in my heart and gaping void in my soul. I don't know what I'm going to do without her, especially since plans and dreams now have to be pushed to the wayside. I'll get by, as it would be what Mary would want, but it won't be easy. I keep wanting to call her up, and talk about the events of the weekend, but that's impossible now. I just want to hear her laugh or giggle or just say my name with the warmth that only she can bring to it that one last time. Yesterday, at the hospital, I kept expecting her to walk up behind me and hug me.

So, from this day forward, I dedicate my silly little blog to the memory of Mary Chung. I know she'd feel privileged for it, and where ever she is now, she's doing the little happy dance of joy.

Mary, I will always love you.

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At 10:16 PM, Blogger Lorne said...


I first met Mary at high school. I didn't really like high school. But I liked Mary, so that made up for it.

I have so many good memories of Mary that it's hard to believe that now they're just memories.

She took me to UTARPA, where I got to watch my first anime.

She brought me aboard the school newspaper, where I got to write for "the public" for the first time.

She was there on a double date, helping me stave off nervousness, so I could make a good impression on a girl I liked. I'm now engaged to her.

She was with me just after I got my driver's license, when I rear-ended that car. Hrm, okay, that one wasn't so good. But I am a better driver now.

Mary always brought a smile with her, and that smile spread to whoever was around. She always had a cool thought, or something neat to watch that no one else had seen before, or a new band to listen to.

You're right about bumping up her Internet presence. (Though, if I'm ever in Cambridge, MA, I'm totally going to that restaurant!). Talking about her will help. It couldn't hurt to also mention lesbian conspiracy-theorists playing Grand Theft Auto while listening to an iPod.

Everytime I've thought of Mary since I heard from you, I've done two things. First, I've cried. Because I miss her. And then I've remembered something awesome about her, and smiled. And really, it is the latter that she'd want. Think about it. If we just sat around and were sad, she'd totally give you that look over her glasses, and go "Dude. C'mon. *snort*".

Miss you, Mary.

At 12:15 AM, Blogger Jay said...

Yeah, I know, and that's what's keeping me going.


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