Friday, August 11, 2006

I'm an idiot

Okay, last month I dug into the vault that is my pull-bin at my local comic shop, and I found that I was missing issues from my pick list. I'd sworn that I'd bought them already, but I couldn't for the life of me find them. At that point, I figured I was just imaging things, bought the missing issues, and went about my business.

A few days later, when I actually had the time to read the comics, the stories seemed oddly familiar. At this point, I knew that I had read them, but I didn't seem to own them. I looked again, and again I came up with nothing.

So, today I bought another wad of comics, and couldn't find the first issue of a run that I had bought. I knew I had this one, but I couldn't find it. I dug, and dug, and dug. I was about to give up when I saw the flap of a comic bag sticking out from a stack of long forgotten magazines.
Sure enough, it was Wildcats: Nemesis #1... and the stack of comics that I'd sworn that I'd read before. Eight of them. Sitting there. For months.

I'm an idiot.

Tomorrow, I hope to take these comics to Dan, the co-owner of the shop, and ask him if he'd like to take them off my hands at a heavily discounted price. If not, no big lost and I count it as a lesson learned. If he does, I'll get the two issues I know I'm missing this time. (I know, because I've been digging so much tonight that they can't be anywhere.)

Still, it doesn't change the fact that I'm an idiot.


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