Saturday, October 28, 2006

A few things

1. Blogger fixed the problem with my template. Huzzah. (Update: Spoke too soon. It's been giving me grief while trying to post this.)

2. I'm getting a weird number of hits on the AP wire story about Parlophone going digital. I find it odd that people are coming here to find that story, of all places, and not actual news sites. I'm sort of dumbfounded, but still pleased. (And people are still coming to look at the Godzilla cloud.)

3. It seems like Ichi the Killer needed a second viewing in order for me to like the film, and I guess it helps that it was the uncut version this time around. The edited version actually leaves out scenes that are important to the story, and have no objectionable material I can see. Previously, I'd only seen the HK CatIII cut of the film, which chops 25 minutes from the film. I understand the gruesome stuff, but there's a 6-8 minute scene involving Kaneko and Ichi that was also cut for no apparent reason. I'm glad I had the urge to pick up the uncut version this week, or else I'd have missed out on actually enjoying this movie. (Which I don't randomly recommend for people. It's not for all tastes, and even less so than the previously reviewed Wild Zero.)

4. After watching some more of Doctor Who season two, I'm convinced that David Tennant is my favorite Doctor yet. Also, the episode "Love & Monsters" had me bawling. Damn you, Russell T. Davies.


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