Saturday, November 18, 2006

New addiction

Well, here I am, unsuspectingly checking out this week's Wal-Mart flyer, which I actually do for work, when I see this:For the uninitiated, the above box contains all of this:Despite what the ad says, I've never seen the Heroscape master set for less than $59.99, and $31.64 was an extremely tempting price. Needless to say, my geekiness overwhelmed me and I had to buy it. When I got there, I found this as well:So there went another 14 bucks out of my wallet (or, rather, bank account... damn you Interac.) But hey, we're talking about ninjas here, and everything goes better with ninjas. All I need now are some pirates, and we can finally solve that age old debate.

I may be weak, but this is cheaper than Warhammer, and a lot less time consuming. I've been checking for other sets, but I'm not finding much. I guess I'll have to check out Zellers next to see if they have this stuff.


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