Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Wait? You mean to tell me they're allowed in the first place?

This article, from MSN/Sympatico, made me scratch my head.

Ont. minister says cellphones shouldn't be in class

24/01/2007 11:05:32 PM

Ontario's education minister has added fresh fuel to the debate over cellphone use in schools.

Ont. minister says cellphones shouldn't be in class

On Tuesday, a Toronto trustee called for a ban on the devices which can allow users to take photos, send text messages, chat and surf the Internet.

Toronto District School Board Trustee Josh Matlow speculated that cellphones could be misused in the classroom. He said phones equipped with cameras could be used to take photos of examinations or even to search the Internet to search for answers.

"If I was taking a test I could go on to Google and get the answers pretty quickly."

Matlow said he has also heard reports of students "going into locker rooms in other cities and taking photos or videos and putting them on the Internet."

Rick Johnson, the president of the Ontario Public School Boards Association, says teachers and school boards are struggling to catch up with technology.

He agreed that text messaging and camera phones can take cheating to a new level.

Johnson said school boards may have to develop policies to establish rules for cellphone use in schools, but said at the moment it's up to schools and teachers.
It utterly blows my mind that the question is being asked. Of course they should be banned, just like any other electronic devices or, for that matter, the chewing of gum. I mean, we wouldn't be questioning the use of a portable DVD player would we? Granted, cellphones shouldn't be banned outright, but they shouldn't be allowed in classes. That's just a no-brainer.

It's like the mind-blower my mother told me years ago. When she was in college, they actually allowed people to smoke in class. Granted, it was the early 70s, but still....



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