Friday, June 30, 2006

John Rogers' "Conversations with Tyrone"

These are supposedly actual conversations that John Rogers has had with his friend Tyrone, and they're as funny as they are odd. Also, in a few cases, the follow-up conversations are just as funny. (My favorite is TGC #436: I Love Lucy -- Issue Zero!, where I Love Lucy fanfic is born.)

TGC# 5643 - Ju-On, Red State Version

TGC #36679 - In which Bo and Luke kick a New York Jewish elections worker to death ...

#36679 Cont'd: Sophie Mae's Choice

TGC #436: I Love Lucy -- Issue Zero!

Lunch Discussions #145: The Crazification Factor

Lunch Discussions #213: Canaries and Meth

Lunch Conversations #349: And Sometimes, They're Non-Starters

Again, I whole-heartedly recommend Rogers' blog, as it's almost always a good read... for us* knee-jerk liberal types, that is.

(*Well, maybe you, but people don't seem to understand that I'm about as liberal as I am conservative. And, no, that's not centrist, either.)

(Also, for the record: TGC = True Geek Conversations, he waxes geek with others, but the Tyrone ones seem to be the best.)


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