Thursday, June 01, 2006

Print is dead

Or, at least that's what Egon Spengler once said.

Anywho, I was reading this, and I began to think of my own reading habits of late as I consider popping in a DVD based upon a Marvel comic. A multitude of questions came to mind that all spring from a couple of base ones:

1. Do I read enough?

I mean, do I? And for that matter, what does 'read enough' mean, anyways? Is there some magic quota of text I must consume? Am I any less a person because I don't read even remotely as voraciously as I used to? If I started reading all the 'it' books, and ones recommended by billionaire talk show hosts, does that really count?

2. In the long run, does it really matter?

If a person never reads a book in their life, but leads an otherwise exemplary life, is their life less exemplary? Some of the greatest people in history were completely illiterate, yet they seems to have counted for something, right?

This is something I have no real answers for. When it's brought to my attention, I usually feel somewhat remorseful that I don't read like I used to. At the same time, I usually shrug it off minutes, if not seconds, later. Otherwise, I go on really not caring much at all.

When I was much younger... actually, scratch that. Shortly after I turned 30, I was actively reading at least two books a month, sometimes more, but something changed a few years back. Personally, I think it might be that I find no comfort in reading anymore, but it could easily be that I don't have anywhere comfortable enough to read.

I guess my question is whether or not my surroundings are at fault for my reading less, or if it's just that I just don't finding reading to be as essential as I used to.

Eh, who knows, and frankly, who cares?

I'll probably forget this all before 5pm rolls around anyway.


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