Monday, June 12, 2006

Three things

1. Heh, Technocrati... Ah, sometimes my typos can be quite amusing to myself.

2. Yeah, after a few weeks of consideration, I think I really do like this template. No need to change a thing, and I think I can avoid installing Dreamweaver for yet another couple of months until I get the new HDD. (Car insurance is due 1 July.)

3. Billy Bragg re: MySpace. Followed by, MySpace re: Billy Bragg. (Note: While I love the guy's music, and agree with much of his politics, I find that he can be the Pat Buchanan of the left when it comes to self-serving, knee-jerk, political over-reactions.)

Okay, four things...

4. "Scuba... Say scuba. Scuba, scuba. Sounds funny. Scuba."*


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