Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Seven Swords of KFC

From Kaiju Shakedown:

In the interests of serving China some real food rather than the ridiculous diet of "rice", "vegetables" and "meat that is not chicken", KFC introduced the delectable cumin seed BBQ chicken burger. And to do so, they used a "Seven Swords of Mt. Tian" based on the character designs from Tsui Hark's recent not-so-hit movie, SEVEN SWORDS. Using the catchphrase "When the Master comes down the mountain, something important must be happening under the heavens," KFC portrayed an ascetic, vegetarian, Taoist monk who feeds the cumin seed BBQ chicken burger to some swordsmen, one of whom is also a vegetarian. KFC also has an online game based around the same theme, declaring, "The seven swords are ready to come down Tianshan to stop the chaos. While the six swords are ready to go, the youngest swordsman did not want to go. What will make him come down the mountain?" I bet it's a delicious cumin seed BBQ chicken burger!
For the record, I really dug Seven Swords.


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