Thursday, October 12, 2006

Ah, fanboys...

From's entry for the Rebirth of Mothra DVD:
this dvd of godzilla may be thrilling in perhaps the appearance of the monsters or their destructive power.yet...i do not like mothra as it does not have many battle skills and looks feeble and weak....which is why many think that it is brave to stand against Godzilla. mothra makes the fighting scenes terrible..there is no melee combat taking place as it only flies around its opponents like trying to irritate them. in Godzilla vs Mothra, the ending is terrible as i do not believe that godzilla can be defeated by two mothra hatchlings just by being wrapped in a cocoon web. i feel that this rather underestimates the power and might of is also absurd that mothra can produce which resembles a bat.throwing godzilla into the sea at the end of The Rebirth of Mothra is also a weak ending. as all know, godzilla has the ability to live under water and as other weaker monsters don't die from falling from a height ( as demonstrated in godzilla vs gigan where ghidorah drops anguirus ), it is absurd that the show ends there. i would think that the ending is like this because the two mothra twins have no other way or power to defeat godzilla. on the overall i think that the rebirth of mothra merits only a probably won't be watching it again after the first...especially since there are better godzilla movies such as terror of mechagodzilla.
I should point out that this review isn't even about the right movie, when he gets into specifics, and even then he gets elements wrong from the movie he thinks this one is.


As an aside, Media Blasters just announced the acquisition of the Toho flicks Frankenstein vs. Baragon and Latitude Zero, both will be released through their Tokyo Shock label.


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