Monday, December 25, 2006

Bah Humbug

Well, it's now 3am on Christmas Day, and I feel absolutely no need to sleep. It's too late to start a movie, I'm too tired to play any video games, and far too tired to read.

That said, I'm far too awake to sleep.


In ages past, I'd be up late because I was excited about waking up, but now, I just dread the actual day. It's become a chore, and it's probably something we should've just dropped years ago. My siblings and I are all adults, and none of us have children. It's just a ritual that we've grown accustomed to doing, but we don't have the courage to just stop it.

None of us can really afford it, and I'm certain that most of us don't actually like each other very well. We're generally a poor excuse for a family, and the get-together tonight at my sister's place just proved it. My family sat upstairs, seemingly not talking to each other, and my future brother-in-law and I played PS2 games in the basement. (As an aside, I really should get Call of Duty: Finest Hour for the PS2 on of these days. It's a lot better than I imagined.) I really didn't want to go, but I felt like it'd be rude and that I'd be ostracized even more if I didn't.

It's funny that I'm writing this, as I usually don't get into my family dynamics (or, more correctly, lack thereof) but I was reading about a friend's family's get together via another friend's blog, and it just sort of grew from there. Basically, his family gets along with each other, and a family gathering is a pleasant experience. My family just tends to act like a bunch of angry drunks, just without the drinking and random fisticuffs. Our favorite family pastime seems to be verbal sniping, and we've all gotten quite good at it. Too good, in fact.

Anyway, it's 3:15am as I type these last words, and I should probably get some sleep. Need my strength to survive the day. (And the hellish Boxing Day I'm assuming I'm going to have.)

Update: And now I've learned that James Brown has died. Man, what a Christmas.


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