Saturday, December 02, 2006

Creeped out

Okay, now I do posts on weird paranormal stuff, but I'm not necessarily a believer. (Actually, I'm a big skeptic.) That said, there's something in the house and there is no rational explanation for it. I say something, as there's definite physical evidence. The basement was trashed, slightly, and there's wood-shavings under the windows, with big scratch marks in them.

The first, and most obvious, explanation would be that there's been an animal loose in the basement. The first suspects would be the cats. What rules them out is that they're both de-clawed, and some of the scratch marks are in places where they couldn't possibly reach. They'd have to be the size of a cougar to get to them.

What also rules out an animal is that, while things have been knocked down, none of the food that's out has been touched. No nibbled potatoes, nothing. A trapped animal, and it would have to be trapped, would've found something to eat or would've attacked us by now. Neither has happened.

There's also the fact that there is absolutely no way that any sort of wild animal could've gotten into the basement. There's no broken windows, no holes, nothing. The only damage to the windows shows that something wants out, but hasn't been able to get out.

I'm really creeped out. I heard a huge crashing sound this morning, and well, I thought it was a car accident outside. My uncle also heard crashing this afternoon, but we can't find a source for it. If there's an animal hiding down there, it's been doing a smashingly good job of completely hiding it's presence. There's not even any droppings of any sort.

Then there's the picture that's been almost knocked off the wall, and the massive coldness that's crept through the house. Also, when I go into the basement, I sort of sense something watching me, and moving around, from the corner of my eye.


Mysterious crashing sounds. Window scratchings. Wood shavings.

Creepy. Creepy. Creepy.

Update: Definitely an animal, but how it got down there is a mystery. Expert says it's probably a squirrel, but the sounds I heard it making were like a medium sized cat. (It sounds like one of my cats running around, but it wasn't either of them as I could account for both.)

Update #2: It was a black squirrel, and it's gone now. We've got a new tenant now, it seems, as there's a skunk living under our sun porch.

Update #3: ... and we still haven't figured out how the squirrel got in the basement. Not a single clue.


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