Thursday, February 01, 2007

Dear Big Media

From seanbonnerdotcom: Even when you try to understand, you still don't. So stop trying to understand it, because you'll never get it. Never. (I wonder if the dinosaurs were like this before the asteroid hit?)

Just in case you don't understand, here it is broken up into simple to read sentences:

We're the guys involved morons? Yes.
Is everybody else involved morons? Yes.

The Boston Police detonated a Lite-Brite.

A Lite-Brite.

They deemed Lite-Brites to be potentially dangerous.

The Boston Police.

A Lite-Brite.


Terror alert.

A Lite-Brite that looks like this:

A Lite-Brite with a Mooninite on it caused a terror alert.

That's it America, put the crack pipe down and step away from the car.

(For the record, Denis, I hadn't read your post yet when I made the crack pipe comment.)

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