Sunday, March 11, 2007

It's Child's Play

I've just discovered that Sick Kids in Toronto is one of the recipient hospitals for Child's Play, a charity set up by the guys at Penny Arcade to help provide video games for kids who are patients at various children's hospitals. Over a million dollars has been raised so far, and that shows exactly how generous we gamers are.

All of the hospitals listed on the site have links to Amazon wish lists, and I would like to ask some of the people who read this to maybe chip and help with this cause. Video games can be a release, and what's more worthy than having a kid forget that they're in the hospital, even if it is for a few minutes?

Here's Sick Kids' wish list.

Also, I'd like to call out the most obvious name that's not on the contributors list: Microsoft. For a company so tied to Seattle, it's shameful not to see their logo amongst the companies that have contributed to this Seattle based charity. Yes, Bungie has contributed, but where's Bill?

For that matter, where's Nintendo?

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