Thursday, April 24, 2008

The follow-up to the question

The reason why I ask is because the price of food is going up, and there are food shortages around the world, and all for the simple fact that stupid Westerners seem to think it's their God given right to drive gas guzzling shit-boxes. While I would never condone it, but wouldn't shed a tear over it either, I wouldn't be surprised to see people taking things out on conspicuous fuel consumers, like Hummers and other menaces to the pocketbooks.

The auto manufactures must be held accountable for this, as they and their consumers are directly responsible for the price of oil and for the effects that the price of oil is having on the world. The jackass driving the Hummer is as guilty as the jackass who decided that it should be driven by civilians for all this, and that's not even remotely stretching anything. If you're driving a gas guzzler, or you build gas guzzlers, you are responsible for all this and you should be made painfully aware of this. (Note: that's metaphorical pain, not an actual beating.)

Again, I ask:
Does anybody really care about anything, anymore? I mean, really?
Serious? Does anybody?

Ignore the fact that this is Earth Week. These people are ruining the world for others, with a line drawn directly to them, and they should be held accountable for their actions. It's dangerously close to criminal negligence on a global scale, and it needs to be stopped before the inevitable death toll occurs.

Of course, nobody really cares and they'll just bitch about prices, without giving it a thought, while they fill their tanks.

Bunch of savages in this world.

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