Wednesday, June 21, 2006

21st Century Silicone Girl

Now I'm curious. Apparently, there's a paper somewhere that theorizes that Pamela Anderson is the first human example of Baudrillard's simulacrum. This idea sort of gels with my theory that she's the first post-human celebrity, or more to the point, the first post-human 'entertainer' that wasn't directly connected to the porn industry.

Just for a gist of the things, my theory is that she only became 'Pamela Anderson' after she modified herself, and that 'Pamela Anderson' is now the name of an artificial being that was once the human named 'Pamela Anderson'. The bit about the porn stars, at least in North American (and probably European) porn, is that the 'performers' (Ron Jeremy aside) tend to be so artificially enhanced that they're just meat robots now performing meat robot sex. Any real human sexuality has been diluted by artificial implants to make the human sexuality more appealing.

Good God, I'm applying Baudrillard to porn.

Help me. Help me, please.

(Update: Actually, come to think of it, either Joan Rivers or Phyllis Diller would've technically been the first post-humans, but Pam is probably still the first simulacrum.)


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