Saturday, July 01, 2006

6% GST and Future Shop's LPG (Lowest Price Guarantee)

Why do I get the feeling that we're going to be getting a lot of people coming back to get their 1% back on their purchases?

Also, why do I get the feeling that somebody is going to say the following at least once a day: "Um, let me get this straight. You want a 1% refund on that CD? You do realize that 1% of $10 is a dime, right?"

I just know this is going to happen. A frightening fact is that we get people who will get our LPG on things that are a nickel's difference.

Also, an old friend paraphrased Jeff Foxworthy with:

"If you just talked yourself down from $100 to $3 and still aren't happy with the deal, you might be from Brantford."

The sad fact is that we're forced to write a lot of things off like this because, well, it is Brantford. For such a small city, we've got a disproportionate number of people who are just ill-mannered, and/or out to rip us off. We've just recently been made officially a "high shrink store", which shocked a lot of people, but when I point out that all major retailers in Brantford have been labeled as "high shrink", most just sigh and nod solemnly.

Also, we sell a disproportionate number of Full-Screen DVDs compared to market stats. We also sell a baffling number of Full-Screen DVDs to people who actually own 16:9 widescreen TVs.

My brain just hurts because of that one.

It's because of that, that some days I come home from work feeling far more stupid than I did when I left.


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