Friday, December 08, 2006

On cosplay

Here's something I've recently noticed: White people really don't cosplay well at all, especially when they try to cosplay Asian characters. For example, this character is Mai Shinaru from the Fatal Fury series of games.

Asian cosplayer:
White cosplayer:

(Note: this is not the original photo posted, as the originating site is now down.)

The other thing is that Asian people seem to be better at cosplay altogether. As witnessed through the Chinese Lara Croft contest. Of course, that could be because the participants are actually attractive, not to mention fit, and not pasty white geeks.

Now, this isn't an Asian fetish thing. It's just an observation based on scanning through this thread on RPGnet. In most of the cases, the Asian cosplayers just seemed better at it than the white folks, with more enthusiasm and less awkwardness shown. Mind you, this might be just an anime/gaming cosplay thing, as I've seen some killer superhero cosplayers. (I've seen some incredibly embarrassing ones too, though.)

It's probably just because white geeks are, well, white geeks with all the extra baggage that entails.

For the record, this fat, white geek just doesn't have the urge to play dress-up anymore. Not even for Hallowe'en. I may be a man-child, but I choose other outlets for it, thankyouverymuch.


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