Thursday, December 14, 2006

Wait a sec

I was reading this news story, which I found over at Warren Ellis' site, when I came across the following:
Wildlife experts have said that coyotes frequently leave surgical-style cuts in carcasses, but Snippy's space-alien legend grew, fed by Lewis' stories.
I can't figure out if that's sarcastic or not. Okay, the alien bit obviously is, but the 'fact' that "coyotes frequently leave surgical-style cuts in carcasses" just baffles me.

Coyotes tear things apart, they do not make surgical-style cuts. They're canines, they have canines, they tear. It's what they do, and it's why they call those teeth canines... because they're for tearing.

It's stuff like that that adds fuel to the conspiracy theories, and from the tone of the articles, they were trying to debunk things in a sarcastic tone. Guess what? That zinger about "coyotes frequently leav[ing] surgical-style cuts in carcasses" just sort of sucks all the credibility out.


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