Saturday, June 02, 2007

I really should explain the name of this place

Okay, most of you know that the title of this blog is a pun, and that it's the third iteration of my blog. At the same time, most of you don't get why I've called it thus, so here's the explanation.

Rewind to 1995, when I was living in Toronto and getting into the BBS scene. At that point, I needed to come up with a handle to use, and I picked Dyson. I chose Dyson for a number of reasons: I was watching Macross Plus, and Isamu Dyson was the lead character's name. I had been reading up on physicist Freeman Dyson, who conceptualized the Dyson Sphere. I had been recently introduced to Esther Dyson, daughter of the physicist, who is considered the authority on emerging digital technology. Finally, I was also reminded of Myles Dyson, the fictional creator of The Terminator series' Skynet computer system.

Basically, the name Dyson was around, and it made sense to take it. It became my nom de net for the better part of the next 5 years, with people even calling me it offline, and my first website was called "Dysonsphere".

When I started blogging, I was going through some serious issues involving, amongst other things, social phobia. At that point, the name 'Dyson's Fear' made sense in that context, and I've stuck with it since. Come December, I'll have been blogging under this name for half a decade, and what a half-decade it's been.

So, there you have it, that's why this place is called Dyson's Fear.



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