Monday, July 30, 2007

For you John Tory folks out there checking this place out

Just to be non-partisan, I utterly loathe the man, even more so than Dalton McGuinty and Howard Hampton. I'm tired of the clowns running the circus, but the days of competent leadership died in 1984. Tory's no exception, which is sad, as I actually had respect for the guy when he ran for Toronto Mayor. His ideas were solid, and were refreshing after the showboating of the outgoing mayor.

When he became the Tory leader, it was his meddling and exploitation of public ignorance regarding the Caledonia land dispute that put him below my contempt, and destroyed any respect that I had for the man. Like any modern Conservative politician, he was more interested in attack soundbytes than any real solution, and had absolutely no business being there. (Much like the Provincial government, as it's a Federal matter. Odd that he wasn't asking where they were, isn't it?)

He's become a shameless media whore who'll stoop at nothing in order to get a soundbyte on the 6 o'clock news. He has taken advantage of the public at every turn, and even had the lack of ethics to use the funeral of a cab driver in order to take swipes at his political foes. There was a time when I actually considered voting Conservative, but Tory's absolutely disgusting track record quickly squashed that. His antics show that he's a man of low moral fibre, even if he claims otherwise.

I'd explain what put the other two in firing range of my intense ire, but it usually results in me using ad hominem attacks. That said, I've only had to experience one so far, but I'm already sick of the ads and Hampton's self-righteous histrionics have long since worn on me.

Now go away, and play with your filthy political friends elsewhere. If you're wondering why there's voter apathy, it's because there is absolutely no one worth voting for.

Don't bother commenting.

(This goes for the other folks too, you know who your are, I like the peace and quiet.)

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