Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Dear Ontario voters.

Do you for a second believe that, once they actually start making promises instead of telling you what you already know, either John Tory or Howard Hampton won't break any election promises?

I mean, c'mon, are you stupid?

John Tory thinks you are. The man is one step away from blaming McGuinty for the extinction of the dinosaurs, and completely ignores that the issues he's pointed out are the results of the party he currently leads. He thinks that you've forgotten that his party is who gutted the health care system, blaming it all on the NDP, and because of that the Liberals felt they had to impose the health tax. He also thinks you've forgotten that the mandate of the Conservative party is to cut public spending, as he's been making promises otherwise.

Howard Hampton? Well, he's Howard Hampton, and that alone is a deficit. (And this from a former NDP supporter.)

While I don't like McGuinty very much at all, he's at least the devil we know. We know that if the Liberals stay in power, they won't go around redecorating the province to make it theirs, and we won't have to worry about the petty changes for the sake of change that always follows a new party to power.

C'mon, Ontario, you've been screwed enough, don't let it happen again.

Also, for the record, I do believe it's unfair that Catholic schools get funding, but other religious schools do not. None of them should be funded by public money. If you want to send your kid to a private school, because you think you deserve better than the public system, then pay for it. At the same time, I completely understand the historical reasons for the support of the Catholic school system. Do you?

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