Thursday, September 13, 2007

Media rundown and other stuff

Okay, it's been a longish time, so...

Watching: the rest of Space Above and Beyond, Millennium season 2, Blue Submarine No. 6, The Fifth Element, Renaissance, Outlanders, Trigun vol. 1, The Color of Money, The Martian Chronicles, and PTU.
Listening (to): Various MP3s, as I've been building my personal playlist and contemplating one for work.
Reading: Nothing much, really.
Playing: Tales of the Abyss, Wild ARMS 5, Wild ARMS 4, Psi-Ops: the Mindgate Conspiracy, OKAGE: the Shadow King, .hack: Infection, and Marvel Ultimate Alliance.

It's been a crazy year so far. Various family issues, employment issues, and a general malaise with my social life. The pinnacle of the year is arguably going to be this Saturday as my sister Sarah gets married. I still think her fiance is nuts, but at least he's a decent guy. I get to shoot and edit the whole shebang, and I'm woefully under-equipped to do it. Even the DVD cam my sister bought last night isn't really going to be enough.

Basically, I need a two to three person crew, with about as many cameras, and well, I don't. I also need to secure a copy of Premiere Elements, but I don't think that'll be an issue. I figure that the editing and DVD authoring should be a snap, as it's not like I'm editing a feature here. That said, I'm not going into this with any assumptions of simplicity. For example, I'm still trying to figure out how to shoot the vows without A. getting in the way, and B. it looking like crap as I move between the two of them.

I'm sure it'll turn out well, as it is me doing it (to toot my own horn), but I really need to plan things out. I just have to go and block things out Friday night, as there's an implied last minute rehearsal going on.



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