Thursday, January 10, 2008

Excercises in futility

Okay, so, a series of issues involving Bell and the Royal Bank have effectively emptied out my bank account and neither side will take any blame. Basically, Bell tried to take money from my account a day early, and due to Xmas, there weren't enough funds. They tried this twice, and have caused me to accumulate $70 in NSF charges.

Today, collections called me. That's two weeks later, folks, and it's illegal. In Ontario, and probably the rest of Canada, 30 days must pass before they can call you. To make matters worse, the person who called spoke too fast and too quiet, and my machine could barely pick them up. I had to listen to the message 10 times before I could figure the whole thing out, and when I called the number given by them, I got a message that doesn't say a word about Bell, but spits out a reference number and that's it.

... but I digress.

The Royal Bank says that it's an issue with Bell, they won't budge, and I didn't honestly expect them too. They're too busy harassing the poor and changing policy on a weekly basis to better screw over their customers in the name of more profits. They are a bank after all. I'd expect OPEC to budge on oil prices before I'd expect the Royal Bank to take ownership of an issue.

Bell says that the money was supposed to come out on the 26th, and the NSF fees are my problem, but my actual online statement clearly says the 28th. I explain this to Bell, and it's like I'm speaking gibberish. They absolutely will not admit that my online statement says the 28th, and keep saying that traditionally my payments come out on the 26th, except when they don't.

Is it too much for them to say, "Oops, we made a mistake, let's fix that for you?"


Now, they do admit that collections called me, but they won't admit that collections called me to collect. If they did that, they'd be admitting they broke the law, which they did by calling me, but they won't admit it.

The world is insane. It's all entitlement without accountability.

Shoot me now.

(Doesn't this all sound familiar?)

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