Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Here we go again...

You know, I wish the other candidates could give me more ammunition, as it's making me seem decidedly partisan. I can't stand any of them, but this guy is the most egregious of the bunch. So, to get on with this:

Dear John Tory,

When you say that it's not time to play politics with our health and the environment, it would be more believable if you weren't playing politics by saying it in the first place. You make all these wild claims of integrity, but your words and actions betray you. If you want me to take you seriously, stop acting like a politician who'll say anything to get elected, and will stoop at nothing to get there. I know you're trying to cash in on the angry ignorance vote, as most political Conservatives do, but stop insulting the intelligence of those of us who know better.

Also, real leadership is shown by deeds, not words. All you do is talk, talk, talk and promise, promise, promise. Now, you're backtracking on key election promises out of fear of not getting elected. A real leader, with real integrity, sticks to his guns, and doesn't back off at the first sign of a challenge from someone who actually knows what they're talking about. They admit their deficiencies, learn, and move on. They don't just change the rules

Just sayin'.



Dear Ontarians,

If a provincial politician tells you that they can make the streets safer for you, they're lying. There are no way they can make the streets actually safer through legislation. More cops and lawyers does not fix a broken system, and it doesn't stop crime. What stops crime is help for those at risk of offending for the first time. By keeping them out of the system, and presenting them with opportunities other than crime, we stop crime. There is no other way to stop it, other than reading people's minds and shooting them on the spot. All of the perceived problems with the legal system are problems with the Criminal Code of Canada, and no provincial politician has the ability to change that.

If a provincial politician tells you that they can fix the health system, they're also lying to you. It'll take far more than election promises to fix it, and the band-aids promised in the various election campaigns will do nothing to change things. It's going to take billions to bail out the system, and a party whose mandate is to cut spending is not going to have the fortitude to do what's needed, and the other parties are just inept.

If a provincial politician tells you that they can fix issues with native land claims, they are lying. It's a federal matter, and the provinces' hands are tied in it. Provincial politicians can make claims until they're blue in the face, but it doesn't change jurisdictional issues with the Feds. See the comment on 'safe streets' for a similar issue.

So, Ontario voters, please think before you mark that ballot. You're being lied to by more than just McGuinty. I think that the arguably most honest person in this election is deJong, but that's only because we're not really allowed to hear him debate his platform. I'm sure, should the powers that be allow it, he'll be exposed as a liar too.


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