Thursday, November 01, 2007

Dear Buzz Hargrove,

The reason why the US auto manufactures are losing out to the import auto manufacturers is simple. It's not because of unfair import practices, it's because of a long history of manufacturing crappy vehicles and a marketplace that is no longer standing for it.

To add to that, you have an American corporation with American corporate values who think that slashing and burning is good business, but building better vehicles isn't. They need to learn to suck it in, take some declining profits, and improve themselves. They won't.

This is economic evolution. The dinosaurs aren't adapting, and they're just dying off. Good riddance I say. (Yes, it's sad that people are losing jobs, but they should've known that there isn't any job security any more, despite what their union mouthpieces say.)

Also, it's time for the unions to realize that there has to be compromise, and that they can't keep on with the same 19th century mindset that they've been maintaining for over a century.

Thank you.

(And this is all from someone whose political views are considered to be on the far left.)



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