Monday, November 26, 2007

Ethical viewing? Spare me.

So, various writers from various guilds, including the striking WGA, are asking you to make the, ahem, ethical choice and stop consuming TV shows and movies.

Give me a break.

Not watching CSI or Heroes isn't going to do anything to affect the outcome of the strike unless you're a Nielson family, and even then I have my doubts. Watch them until they run out of fresh episodes, and watch the repeats, it's not going to matter. You're not showing solidarity with the writers, you're just not watching TV. The longer you don't watch TV, the less likely you are to pick it up again, which would be detrimental to the strikers in the long run.

However, please don't watch the reality shows that will be replacing the scripted stuff. Not because it helps the writers, but because they just suck and you'd be better off reading a book or something.

Not buying or renting DVDs is pointless, as the studios already have their money, and all you're doing is hurting the retailer and their staff that doesn't have the benefits of collective bargaining. Also, for crying out loud, don't go to the kid at Blockbuster and explain to him how you aren't renting movies in solidarity as the kid couldn't give two tugs why you're screwing with his income, and it makes you look like a self-righteous wanker.

Lastly, not buying the products advertised isn't going to do anything either, for the simple fact that those who couldn't give two tugs about any of this greatly out-number you, and your little sad symbol of rebellion will fall on deaf ears. Sure, you could write them, but mostly they'll just laugh and send you a "thank you for writing" form letter, probably with coupons attached.

You aren't some special snowflake. You really don't matter.

Still want to show some solidarity?

Fine. Make some sandwiches and coffee, then figure out where the closest picket-line is. I'm sure that those on the line would be grateful.

Oh, right, you just want to rage against the machine through inactivity, rather than actually do anything.

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