Friday, March 30, 2007

And I still haven't seen the movie yet....

So, I keep reading commentary about the movie 300, and I keep hearing the various sides argue about the movie being a neo-con love letter and such. After reading of the crap storm, and knowing the basic story of the film and comic, I'm trying to figure it out. It's become pretty obvious that people are projecting their own beliefs into the film, and then are getting upset when they're called on it. Flatly denying it, I may add, and ignoring any and all historical references.

My question on this is a simple one: exactly when the hell did I stop being a knee-jerk liberal? I mean, the commentary from the so-called left wing is absolutely looney. This thread from RPGnet just sums up all the idiocy, from all sides, about the film.

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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Eat this, Jack Thompson

It's the Grand Theft Auto IV teaser, and it looks good.


Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Keepon Keepin' On

From Geekologie:


Saturday, March 24, 2007

Ain't technology cool

This post is being done in Firefox as installed on a 2 gig SanDisk thumbdrive, with U3 capabilities. I'm having a geekgasm, and it's almost embarrassing how much I'm grooving to this just because I'm running both Firefox and Trillian from my thumbdrive.


Thursday, March 22, 2007

Media rundown and other stuff

Well, call it the blogosphere's version of S.A.D., as I really haven't had the inclination to post anything as of late... and two YouTube videos & a piece about CGI animated poop really don't count as content. I suspect that when the weather gets better, and I'm feeling more human, that either my post count will go up or else I'll get a life. As for now, I don't see much content on the way for the time being. That said, here's what I've been doing when I'm not posting or working.

Watching: DVD - Casino Royale, Kaiju Big Battel: Shocking Truth, Dead Like Me season 1, The Lone Gunmen, The Triangle, Alien Apocalypse, The Beast from 10,000 Fathoms, and Shinobi: Heart Under Blade. TV - Battlestar Galactica, Stargate Atlantis, Jericho, The Dresden Files, Smallville, Supernatural, and random CSI repeats.
Listening (to): Mos Def and various Coast to Coast AM mp3s.
Reading: Storm Front by Jim Butcher and True20: Adventure Roleplaying.
Playing: True Crime: Streets of LA, True Crime: New York City, Destroy All Humans 2, Darkwatch, Tomb Raider: Legend, and Kingdom Hearts 2.

Consuming media's been my big draw, and it's going to be such for a while longer.

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Can't wait for this one

It's the trailer for Day Watch:


Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A Hard Day's Night of the Living Dead

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Wow, I have no words for this...

From Twitch:

New From the Producers of McDull, Here Comes Wee-Wee The Poop!

(Posted In Animation Asia Comedy Film News )


I couldn't make this up if I tried.

In a sausage factory lives a smelly duck liver sausage called Wee-Wee. All other sausages avoid him because of his odor and call him “the smelly duckling.” Wee-Wee has only one friend, Li Li, a kind-hearted, beautiful sausage. Li Li comforts Wee-Wee by telling him that if he basks in the sun and dries himself in the wind, his unpleasant smell will eventually turn into a rich aroma. Sadly, no matter how hard he tries, Wee-Wee remains a smelly duckling and feels devastated.

One day, as Wee-Wee passes a toilet, he discovers the truth. He is no sausage! He is merely poop, put into the sausage factory as a practical joke! Feeling bittersweet happiness, Wee-Wee jumps into the toilet to return to where he truly belongs.

Life in the sewer, however, does not bring the happiness Wee-Wee expected. The sewer is full of bored and dejected turds. Wee-Wee finds himself thinking about the sun and the wind and the sweet melodies of Li Li, his beautiful sausage friend…

The film is currently in production and is the first 3D animation project from Brian Tse, the writer of McDull. Also in production is McDull Wudang, a martial arts oriented entry in the McDull series, but really - who cares about that when they're making a film about poop?

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Sunday, March 11, 2007

It's Child's Play

I've just discovered that Sick Kids in Toronto is one of the recipient hospitals for Child's Play, a charity set up by the guys at Penny Arcade to help provide video games for kids who are patients at various children's hospitals. Over a million dollars has been raised so far, and that shows exactly how generous we gamers are.

All of the hospitals listed on the site have links to Amazon wish lists, and I would like to ask some of the people who read this to maybe chip and help with this cause. Video games can be a release, and what's more worthy than having a kid forget that they're in the hospital, even if it is for a few minutes?

Here's Sick Kids' wish list.

Also, I'd like to call out the most obvious name that's not on the contributors list: Microsoft. For a company so tied to Seattle, it's shameful not to see their logo amongst the companies that have contributed to this Seattle based charity. Yes, Bungie has contributed, but where's Bill?

For that matter, where's Nintendo?

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Thursday, March 08, 2007

And this is your brain on Shadowrun...

From the BBC:

Elf defence for 'lingerie thief'

A man accused of a stealing underwear from a shop in a knifepoint raid believed he was a female elf at the time, Belfast Crown Court has heard.

Robert Boyd, 45, from Broadlands in Carrickfergus, is accused of holding up staff at the Orchid shop in Belfast disguised in a wig, hat and glasses.

He told the court he had been involved in a role-playing game at the time, and his character was an elf named Beho.

He denies robbery but says he may have blurred reality and fantasy.

He also said it "could be right" that Beho had intended to rob the shop - although he told the jury he could not remember what was going through his mind at the time.

Japanese sword

He told defence counsel Anthony Cinnamond that within his small social circle he had been participating in a game known as Shadowrun.

The game was set in the future and the assumed characters were criminals, he said.

He told the court his character was a shaman, or magical elf, who carried a small Japanese sword as a weapon.

Mr Boyd, who said he visits a psychiatrist regularly, conceded that he "seemed to have blurred that line between reality and fantasy".

"I can't believe that I personally did that... and I deeply regret that.

"If I had sought some help I would've avoided that in its entirety."

Prosecutors claim that Mr Boyd knew "perfectly well" what he was doing on the day of the robbery and was "using this memory loss scenario to avoid answering very difficult questions".

The lab technician, from Broadlands in Carrickfergus, denies one charge of robbery.

He is accused of stealing two sets of bras, knickers, suspender belts and stockings from the shop on Lisburn Road on 14 December, 2005.

The case continues.

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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Back with a Media Rundown

Well, things are back to normal-ish. My dad's doing well, and was apparently up and walking around today. He's out of the ICU, and might actually be back sooner than originally estimated. At the same time, I had one of my worst ever days on Thursday, and here's what I wrote over at a message board I frequent:
... it was a hell of a day. Myself, my uncle, and my (soon to be) brother-in-law needed to come back to Paris to take care of some stuff, so we decided to head out at mid-afternoon. (Approx. 2:30.) It took us around 2 hours to drive 5 city blocks onto the Gardiner Expressway, where we proceeded to break down not 10 minutes after getting on to it.

At rush hour, in a blizzard...

It took us forever to get CAA on the phone, and we actually had to get a tow from a truck that happened upon us. It looked like our transmission went (the puddle under the car was a dead give-away), and we thought we were screwed, as we really can't afford to drop in a new tranny. (Nor, really, a 100km tow back home.)

It took us another couple of hours to get to a Canadian Tire, and when we got there they almost turned us away because they don't do transmissions. We just needed them to have a look at it, and the weirdest thing is that other than being nearly completely out of fluid, there didn't seem to be a thing wrong with it. We couldn't even find a sign of a small leak. We were due for an oil change, so we got that done, and then we were off.

We stopped for food, and hit the highway at 8pm. It should normally take us 20 to 30 minutes, tops, to get from the hospital to where we ate. It took us 5.5 hours, and about 300 bucks.
Anywho, I'm back at work now (well, not now...), and the car is working fine. I've spent a few days resting and consuming media, so here's a media rundown.

Watching: DVD- Godzilla vs. Hedorah and Super Inframan. TV- Heroes, Battlestar Galactica, Stargate Atlantis, Supernatural, The Dresden Files, and Jericho.
Listening (to)- Mos Def, misc MP3s, and various Coast to Coast shows.
Reading- Storm Front by Jim Butcher, and True20 Adventure Roleplaying.
Playing - Kingdom Hearts 1&2, Darkwatch, Tomb Raider: Legend, and Destroy All Humans 2.

The rest and media catch-up time was well needed, as I attempted to get back to work on Saturday, but I was way too exhausted to work. Today, though, things seem back to normal and my energy levels are up again. That said, I'll leave it at that and go grab some shut-eye.

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